High Trail Vanoise 70km 5400m D+ (solo & relay)

Race Description

The Odlo High trail Vanoise is a unique and an incredible race. 

Technical and tough, the Odlo High Trail Vanoise starts from the ski resort and typical village of Val d’Isère before reaching the village on the other side of the mountain, the resort of Tignes

From there, runners will reach the summit on the glacier of « la Grande Motte » a little under 12,000 feet (3653 metres high). The route is steep, and near the summit, ropes will be placed to assist runners. From the top you will discover breath-taking sceneries like the « Ouillette lake » or the « lost Valley ».

The departure will take place on Saturday the 7th of July 2018 at 4 am in front of the club des sports

High Trail Vanoise route

NEW IN 2018! The Relay race ( X2 ) on the High Trail Vanoise

To offer the participants a larger choice, and give more trailers the opportunity to run up the “Grande Motte Glacier” we have decided to create a relay race by 2. The first leg will end up at the food station of “La Daille” after 35 km of race. The first leg will be a 35 km long run with 2300 m. of ascent, the second runner will run on 35 Km and climb 3000 M

Odlo High Trail Vanoise 2018 Route

Route picture

Route picture

Odlo High Trail Vanoise 2018 Race Profile




1st RP: "Panoramic” restaurant of La Grande Motte –  KM 14/21 – 3032m  (both  ways)

2nd RP: la Daille - KM 35 - 1796m

3rd RP: Lake of la Sassière - KM 41- 2500m

4th RP : Fornet - KM - 49 - 1930m

5th  RP:  Bar restaurant la Cema – KM 54 –  2710m

6th  RP:  Col de l'Iseran - KM 62 - 2764m


Time barriers have been calculated to their ultimate limits so that you’ll have enough time to finish the HTV. No runners, whatever the reason, will be allowed to run beyond those precise limits, for safety reasons.  Participants must conform to the time and to the controllers' instructions. They must well organize their race so that they will not have to rush to finish the race. 

Refreshments and barriers - High Trail Vanoise - Val d'Isère

Refreshments and barriers - High Trail Vanoise - Val d'Isère

Refreshments & Barriers

Compulsory equipment

Tights, leggings, long shorts high socks

1 whistle / a one little water bottle full/ snacks and food / one survival blanket / hoodie wind stopper jacket / hoodie waterproof rain jacket / gloves / sun glasses / cell phone / hat or cap / Buff  Yaktrak (or equivalent) for climbing the Grande Motte glacier / re-usable cup / spare changing clothes in a sealed bag :  warm long sleeve T/ tights / socks

Beware: Ice Crampons are completely forbidden

Recommended material

Two layers of warm clothes for the upper body, one layer for the legs, sunscreen, sunblock, adhesive elastic band for a bandage or a strapping , walking sticks. The recommended equipment depends on the weather forecast , be prepared to face the cold as well as extreme heat. 



Bags and material will be controlled at the departure and throughout the race. Any participant will be disqualified from the race if any required item is missing