High Trail Vanoise postponed to 2021

All races of High Trail Vanoise are Postponed to 2021

Dear Trail friends,

We are experiencing an unprecedented period of time, obliging us to constantly revise our organisation. The well-being of all has been our priority from the beginning.
To date, a considerable state of uncertainty persists regarding the duration of lockdown and the subsequent way of life.

Our HTV trail is a demanding and extreme course which necessitates serious preparation, impossible to carry out for the foreseeable future.
Changing the basics of this course (shorter distances for example) would mean forsaking our fundamentals, values and identity. Our event, the Odlo High Trail Vanoise is dedicated to trail lovers : 6 exceptional courses across magnificent Haute Tarentaise surroundings, organised with the greatest care and attention, to offer each competitor an unforgettable experience in a unique atmosphere from start to finish.

So as not to trivialize our event, to give ourselves a chance to honour our commitments and after having consulted the major operators of the resort of Val d’Isère, we regret to say the decision has been made to adjourn the event until 2021. The trail will takes place on the 9/10/11 of July 2021

For those who have already enrolled :

  • automatic enrolment for 2021
  • partial reimbursment :70% of your enrolment fee (the 30% retained go towards expenses already incurred by the organizing committee) and a discount of 20% on the 2021 enrolment fee.

Thank you for your comprehension. We are available for any further information.
We hope to see you very soon in Val d’Isère.
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.