high trail vanoise 2023


HTV trail information

Following a trail inspection and safety commission meetings, changes have been made to the HTV trail this year.
The trail will no longer pass over the Grande Motte glacier, competitor safety cannot be guaranteed due to lack of snow.
Competitors will use the GR 55 beyond Col Fresse to get down to Tignes.
This year the HTV trail will be 61.9 km long with 4710m D+
Race starts at 5am on Saturday July 9th. Crossing points remain the same.
The passage of relays will take place at the Fornet. The first relay is 38.9 km long, the second : 23 km.
Cleats are compulsory for passing over the Pissaillas glacier.

Please find below the new trail route and estimations of time between crossing points.


1st AS : Tignes Val Claret –  KM 15,55 (A) – 2148 m

2nd AS : la Daille – KM 24 – 1796m

3rd AS: Fornet – KM 38 – 1930m

4rd/5th  AS : Col de l’Iseran – KM 44/50 –  2729m

Time Restrictions

Time Restrictions (can be modified according to the health protocol in force)

Time restrictions have been calculated to their ultimate limits so that you’ll have enough time to finish the HTV. No runners, whatever the reason, will be allowed to run beyond those precise limits, for safety reasons.  Participants must conform to the time and to the controllers’ instructions. They must well organize their race so that they will not have to rush to finish the race.


1L of water Mandatory
Food Mandatory
Survival Blanket and a whistle Mandatory
hoodie waterproof rain jacket Mandatory
Gloves Mandatory
Sunglasses Mandatory
A cell phone (Charged and switched on . The phone must be connected to the French network) Mandatory
Working headlamp Mandatory
Beanie OR Cap OR Buff Mandatory
Yaktrakx or similar (mandatory on Grande Motte last segment and on Pissaillas Glacier depending on snow patrol) Mandatory
Plastic cup for water Mandatory
spare changing clothes in a sealed bag with warm long sleeve T +  tights OR 3/4 tight with high socks covering the knees Mandatory
Poles Recommended
Strapping band Recommended
Sunscreen Recommended

Alpinism crampons are forbidden !