It is important to read carefully the regulations of the race that can be found here

HIGH TRAIL Vanoise 2019 Regulations

Organisation : Val d’Isère Club des Sports ( association “French regulation “Loi 1901)  organizes High trail Vanoise.


“Races High Trail Vanoise”  is a sport event offering several events in  a high mountain surrounding using paths and trails some of which being on a glacier

Each event is a one stage run, run at one’s own speed but within a time limit.

– “High Trail Vanoise” the long one is around 70 km long with 5400m of vertical fall, with 5 time barriers and a total limited time of 17 hours.  Departure will be at 4:00 AM on the 6th of July. Open to people of 20 years old and more . Maximum 500 registered runners.

-“Trail of the Six paths”, is a short trail run, around 42 km long, 3500 meters of vertical fall, with 3 time barriers and a total limited time of 12H30 hours. Departure on the 6th of July at 8 : 30 AM . Open to people of 20 years old and more.  Maximum 500 registered runners

-“The balconies of Val d’Isère” is a short trail race of around 20 km with a vertical fall of 1000 meters with one time barrier and a limited time of 4 hours. Departure on the 7 th of July at 9:30 AM . Open to people of 18 years old and more unless parents certified their authorisation for youngers. Maximum 400 registered runners.

-“The vertical Kilometre” is a 1000 meters long individually timed, race . 200 maximum registered runners. Open to people of 18 years old and more Departure on the 5 th of July  at 4:00 PM


Mandatory equipment and Recommended

HTV 6 cols Balcons
1L of water Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory – 0,5 L
food Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
survival blanket Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
waterproof jacket with hood Mandatory Mandatory Windstopper
gloves Mandatory Mandatory Recommended
sunglasses Mandatory Mandatory Optional
cellphone working in french netfwork Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
headlamp Mandatory Optional
beanie OR Cap OR Buff Mandatory Mandatory Optional
Yaktrakx or similar (mandatory for the last part on Grande Motte and also maybe on Pissaillas) Mandatory
Reusable cup Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
survival waterproof bag with a warm long sleeve T-shirt + long tights or 3/4 tights with long socks) Mandatory Mandatory
Whistle Mandatory Mandatory
Poles Recommended Recommended Recommended
Strapping band   Recommended Recommended
Sunscreen  Recommended Recommended Recommended

Alpinism Crampons are forbidden!
Each runner must keep in his / her bag the equipment listed below and listed by the organisation. Unexpected check-ups can be organised by the organisation at the arrival of the race in case of a doubt concerning a runner.

Beware: the organisation recommends starting the race wearing your “long” clothes covering your arms and your legs until the descent of the Glacier of la Grande Motte as you could badly burn your skin in case of a fall on the frozen ground and if your legs or arms are not protected by clothes. Afterwards runners are free to change clothes at the Panoramic and keep running wearing shorts, T shirts if the weather is warm enough.  Whatever the clothes you’ll be wearing at the departure, it is compulsory to have a spare change of clothes in a sealed bag as listed in the list above.


The briefing before the race on FRIDAY is compulsory for the “High Trail Vanoise ”, and highly recommended for the participants “6 Pass Run”.


The use of walking sticks are strongly advised for the HTV and the Six pass run ( T6C). meanwhile runners using sticks must keep them until the arrival. Penalties will be given in case of cheating.


No registration will be taken on the day of all races for the High Trail the T6C and the Balconies.  Registration on the day of the race for the Kilometre Vertical is possible  until 2 hours prior to the departure of the race.

A medical certificate is required, mentioning the fact that the runner is physically able to run a long distance competition race in the mountains, or a French Licence from FFA, Skyrunning or Triathlon .

Registration will be valid only once you have made the payment and sent the required medical certificate or the FFA licence, Skyrunning or Trathlon

The registration to “High Trail Vanoise ” and the “T6C”, will allow you to get a breakfast, a meal voucher, a free entrance to the aquasportif centre of Val D’Isère, access to the food stations, a possibility to win a lottery and a free present for the finishers.

The balconies of Val D’Isère registration will allow to get access to the food station, a possibility to win a lottery and a free present to all finishers.

Participation conditions for the 3 races :

You must be :

-Fully aware of the length of the trail and the specificity of a mountainous terrain of the race and therefore be physically prepared to it.

-Participants must be experienced runners and be in an excellent physical condition. They must  be well-trained before the race and be ready to face by their own any situation that could be encountered in such types of races.

More specifically they must be ready to deal with  :

-Difficult weather conditions due to high altitude (wind, cold, rain, hell stones or snow)

– Physical or mental distress generated by a great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle pain, joint pain, minor wounds.

-You must be fully aware that the organisation doesn’t have to deal and treat these minor problems

-You must be fully aware that such an activity in the great outdoor is safe, as long as the runner can deal with unexpected problems that can occur all along the way.

Specificities of High Trail Val Vanoise  ( 70 K)  : It is a race opened to any person highly experienced in Trail running  as it mostly takes place in a high mountain terrain. It is opened to women and men, born in 1997 or before. Licenced or not.  As the race starts early in the morning, runners should be aware that a part of the race takes place in the darkness.

Specificities of T6C ( 42 K) : This race is opened to any woman or man over 18 years old. Licenced or not.

Specificities of the the Balconies of Val d’Isère It is a race opened  to any person over 18, woman or man, licenced or not. Teenagers can take part to the race with a medical certificate and their parents written agreement. They’ll be ranked in the junior category.

Different categories

Veterans 4 : 1949 and before

Veterans 3 : from 1950 to 1959

Veterans 2 :  from 1960 to 1969

Veterans 1 : from 1970 to 1979

Seniors : from 1980 to 1996

“Espoir” : from 1997 to 1999 Junior : 2000-2001

BIBS pickup:

For all races, bibs will be picked up on Friday 5th of July from 9am to 8pm, Saturday 6 th of July from 7am to 8pm and Sunday the 7th from 7am to 2pm in front of the Club des Sports.

Bibs have to be visible at all times and in any circumstances. It can be pinned either on the chest or the upper thigh.

Each bib will be individually handed to each runner who will be asked to sign an agreement testifying that he was given the bib. The signature will testify that the runner has started the race. In case of a last minute cancellation, please let the organisation know asap.

Don’t forget your safety pins.



Security will be managed by patrollers, rescuers and a medical staff. There are 11 first aid posts on the long trail, 7 on the shorter trail, and 2 on the balconies. Each post is connected to the race GQ and organisation members of the organization, rescuers and a medical team posted all along the trail will be in charge of the security.  A regulation medical staff will be posted at the arrival area.  If the maximum is done to guaranty a safe race, you must be fully aware that a rescue in a mountainous and rugged terrain, will take longer than any rescue taking place in an urban environment, your own safety will depend on the equipment carried in your bag. Charges and expenses of a rescue will be paid by the rescued person who will be the “one “to organize his / her way back home or anywhere  from the place she or he has been evacuated.  First aid posts’ aim is to help and rescue anybody in danger with official authorized material and equipment.

Except when the health condition of a runner, requires an absolute emergency evacuation, a runner shouldn’t quit the race anywhere else than at a first aid post offering an evacuation solution.

A runner in difficulties or seriously injured must contact the rescuers by :

-reaching the nearest first aid post

-calling the race call centre : +

– asking another runner to contact rescuers

– dialling 112

Whoever meets a runner in distress, must help him or her and immediately call or contact the rescuers.  A runner who will not give assistance to a fellow runner in distress will be disqualified for life from running the High Trail Vanoise  !

Rescuers, upon medical advice and official doctors have the ability to

–       Stop a runner from racing ( by removing the BIB) if he or she wouldn’t be physically or mentally apt to keep on running

–       Have any person in danger evacuated by any mean.

If quitting the race, it is important and compulsory to let the organisation know about it  by contacting the nearest aid station and hand them back your bib.

The organisation declines any responsibility in case of weaknesses or an accident  due to a bad health condition of the racer.

Buses are available from Tignes Val Claret, from La Daille next to Sassière, in le Fornet and in Iseran  for racers who have quit the race  or / and will not be  within the restricted time allowed .  In case of quitting before a control post, it is very important to walk back to the previous post and signal the quitting. If on his or her way back the quitter meets the staff in charge of closing the race, they will take the bip and officially register the quitting.  Then at this very moment the runner is not under the responsibility of the race organisation anymore.

Any runner who has been withdrawn from the race and who would like to finish the route, will have to hand back his bib first and will be responsible of his / her own safety in full autonomy.


The individual principle of racing in semi autonomy is the rule on the race. Semi autonomy is defined as having the capacity to be food and water autonomous between two aid stations . The racer must have acquired  this autonomy by previous knowledge and experience.

Two types aid posts are offered  :

Drinking aid posts : with still water, fizzy water, energetic drinks , cola and syrups

Full fooding and drinks : drinks , pasta soups, tea , sweet cakes, chocolate, banana, oranges, salted crackers, sausages, cheese and bread.


The HTV 70 K has 5 aid stations with food and beverages, 1 water point, along with 6 check points and 5 time checkpoints.

The T6C 42K has 4 aid stations with food and beverages, 1 water point , 2 check points and 2 time checkpoints.

The details and exact locations of these aid stations and water points will be given to you before the departure and will be written in the guide runners will get at the departure with their BIP.

Balconies of Val d’Isère  20k :  has 1 aid station with food, one water point one time-checkpoint and a maximum time limit in order to be ranked



An assistance for runners on the big and small trails are tolerated in the vicinity of  full  food and drinks posts ( 5 on the great trail and 4 on the smaller one )  Water only posts are not included.  This assistance must be done next to the posts ( maximum 20 meters away from the posts  People in charge of  doing this assistance must not disturb  the smooth running of the race. Penalties  will be given to the runners if this point is not respected.


At the bib pickup, runners and walkers  will be given a ticket that will allow them to have a free shower at the aquasportif centre in Val d’Isère.


An overall ranking and an age category ranking will be established for each race.

The prize ceremony for “Balcons de Val d’Isère” will take place on Sunday the  9th of July at 12 PM.

Scratch prize ceremony of HTV and T6C will take place on Saturday the 8th at 4:30 PM To get a prize it is compulsory for runners to be physically present at the ceremony.

A trophy and a money prize will be given to the 10 first runners on the scratch and to the 5 first women on the High Trail Vanoise, a trophy will be given to the 5 first of the scratch men and women for the TC6  . All finishers of all  races will be offered a present .

A present will be given to the 3 first men and women of “Espoir”, “senior 1” and “2” “V1” “V2” “V3” “V4” at the moment of their arrival on all races.

A present will be given to the three first men and women of the  categories : espoir V1 V2  V3 V4 when arriving.


The runs take place in a natural and protected environment protected by regulations ( PNV , RNN Gde Sassière and Bailletta). They can sought advice,  at the tourist information centre in Val d’Isère so that they will respect the following rules  at all times .

* Littering of any kind is absolutely prohibited

* noisy / musical / device can’t be used at anytime, animals and nature quietness should be respected at all times. A whistle or any sound emitting device can only be used in case of emergency or during a rescue

*  any light device that could disturb wildlife or the peacefulness of nature is forbidden. Personal headlights or lights used during a rescue are the only one accepted.

* It is forbidden to cross a field protected by any kind of fences and it is forbidden to cut a path twist in order to limit the impact of erosion

* it is forbidden to camp in the mountain.

* recycling bins are accessible at any aid points and must be used satisfactorily


The organizer reserves the right to penalize or disqualify participants who wouldn’t respect the rules and regulations  of the Heart of the Parc National of Vanoise and or the natural reservations of la Grande Sassière and Bailletta regarding the following :

·      Refusal to go through a check point /

·      Short-cutting of trails

·      Littering (by a competitor or his support) or any disregard for the environment.

·      Unfair or unsportsmanlike behaviour toward a member of the organization or another competitor.

·      Refusal to help a person in danger

·      Cheating of any kind (using a mean of transportation / changing bib / using someone else’s bib).

·      Skipping a checkpoint.

·      Refusal to obey an order from the organization, a checkpoint controller, a doctor or a rescuer.

·      Refusal to undergo an anti-doping test

·      Departure from an aid station after the time limit.

·      Violating rules and regulations of the event

·      Violating rules and regulations of National Park of la Vanoise

·      Any other disrespect of the regulations will be given adequate sanctions decided by the race committee

·      Missing of compulsory equipment



Liability Insurance :

The event is covered by a liability insurance underwritten by the organiser with DIOT insurance for the length of the race. This insurance guarantees the financial liability of organiser, volunteers and participants.

Individual accident insurance

Each participant must have an  individual accident insurance covering the costs of search, rescue and evacuation in France.  Such an insurance can be contracted anywhere according to the choice of the runners. Flying evacuations ( by helicopters) are charged . The choice of the evacuation transportation means is exclusively the responsibility of the organisation that will first favour the safety of the volunteers and  competitors.



Cancellation Insurance : Any person can buy a cancellation insurance for an extra 10.50 euros, to be purchased with their registration paid at the time of registration.

The purpose of this insurance is to reimburse registration fees paid when the insured is forced to withdraw due to:


–       An accident, or long or severe illness,  death of the insured

–       a severe  illness (requiring hospitalization) or the death of the insured’s spouse, husband,  partner, parent or child in the thirty days prior to the event.


In case of an accident or a serious illness of the runner, claims for reimbursement must be accompanied by an official medical certificate signed and stamped by a doctor justifying the participant’s withdrawal from the event. Any other reason for withdrawal must be justified by an official medical certificate signed and stamped by a doctor stating the incapacity of the insured to participate to the race.

Refunds conditions : After the race, all claims must be accompanied by an official document justifying the participant’s withdrawal from the event, notably a medical certificate stating the incapacity of the insured to participate to the race within 10 days after the race.  Claims will be handled within two months after the race

Canceling a registration

Any cancellation must be made via sending an E.mail or by sending a regular mail. No cancellation can be made by telephone or fax. In case of cancellation due to a reason written in the above paragraph, the competitor can use his cancellation insurance by sending the required documents ( read paragraph above) .

If a competitor hasn’t bought the special insurance covering cancellation or wants to cancel for a reason not covered by the insurance, the reimbursement  of the fees paid will be made on the same account that was used for the registration in the following conditions :



Sending dates
Amount re credited in % of the  registration fee (not including other fees )
Before the 15th February
60 %
From the 16th to 15th of April
50 %
From the 16th of April to the 15 th of June
40 %
After the 15 th of June no refund will be made
No giving or selling of Bips is possible, neither before nor during the race. The cancellation of a runner doesn’t give him or her the right to do so. Registered racers have no right to be represented or replaced by anybody.

Cancellation due to an injury

In case of an injury of the runner, and only in that case, that had occurred after the registration date and that is not completely healed at the day of the race , the organization recommend that the runner shouldn’t put himself or herself into danger  , and to cancel the registration and ask for a postponement of his registration to the following year. To do so the runner will have to send a request to the medical committee of the race accompanied by a detailed medical file. If the medical committee favor the request, the runner will have a registration priority for the following year on the same race.

The medical committee is the only one to give an expertise to the postponement requests it’s decision is irrevocable.

All request of postponement must be sent, with the medical file 10 days after the race at the latest. Applications will be dealt with within two months after the event.


Any complaint must be written by the complainant ( a racer )  concerned. The complainant ( a racer ) shall lodge his complaint to the organization committee of the race at least an hour post arrival. No complaint will be accepted if it is given by a follower of the racer or from a member of the public.


The organization reserves the rights to change at any time of the departure times, time barriers, routes, aid and food posts places, without any prior notice.

In case of bad weather conditions, or for security reasons, the organization could withdraw the entire racers of the HTV on a fallback itinerary or on the T6C itinerary without any refund to the racers.

In case of extreme weather conditions the organization reserves the rights to stop the race. It has the right to stop and cancel the race at any time without prior notice. In that precise case, the people who had subscribed a special cancellation insurance will get a reimbursement of 80 % of the amount of their registration fee.


Any trail runner expressly waives the right to their image rights during the event; they also waive all claims against the organiser and its authorized partners for the use of their image.

All communication about the event or the use of the event images will be done in total respect of the name of the event, of copyright brands and with the official agreement of the organizer.