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New ! 9km / 300 D+


The High Trail Vanoise 2020 is a unique event. Organized in Val d’Isère, this high level race offers routes in a breathtaking natural environment.

Seven races are organized : The « High Trail 70 K solo or duo », the « Trail of the 6 passes 42km solo or duo », The « Balconies of Val d’Isère 20 K », the « Vertical Kilometer (KV) » and the « Mini trail for young runners. The “High Trail Vanoise” counts for the UTMB® (Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc). In 2020 we will do again the the 9km/300m+ Odyssea race which was really successful in 2018. This event is organized by the Val d’Isère Sports Club. Discover the different routes and the live shows . Find a lot of useful information on our website: registration, payment, carpooling routes and itineraries to come to Val d’Isère.

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