Odlo High Trail Vanoise a full nature and high mountain trail

A unique race organized in Val D'Isère



Présentation du High Trail Vanoise 2018

Présentation du High Trail Vanoise 2018

From the 6th to the 8th of July, Val d’Isère will organize the Odlo High Trail Vanoise®  unique races for well prepared and fit mountain trail runners.

The Odlo High Trail Vanoise® consists of 5 challenging races of varying levels, allowing you to discover the impressive and magical high mountain sceneries of Tarentaise and Maurienne.

The « Vertical Kilometre » will be the first race of this 3-day long week end on Friday. Runners will climb the famous ski slope the « Face de Bellevarde ». 

The fittest long distance runners will start at 4 AM, in the pre-dawn darkness of Saturday morning to race one of the toughest stage of the « Skyrunner® World Series ». The 40-mile-long race  (67km), climbs 16,400 feet (5400 metres ) culminating at the Grande Motte glacier in Tignes, 12,000 feet high. 

 The Odlo High Trail Vanoise®  is a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

The « Grand Parcours » will give you 2 points according to the old ITRA race scale, and 4 according to the new scale (level mountain 12)

 The « Petit Parcours » will give you 1 point according to the old ITRA race scale and 3 according to the new one. (level mountain 12)

Val d’Isère balconies race « les Balcons de Val d'Isère »  won’t give you any point according to the old scale but will give you one according to the new one (level mountain 9)

 The Grand Parcours  and the vertical kilometre are part of the « Skyrunner® World Series ».

2018 Odlo High Trail Vanoise Official Teaser